Mommy School:
My Mommy School Plans
A is for Ants - A Bug's Life
B is for Bear - Winnie the Pooh
- C is for Cowboy - Toy Story 2
- D is for Dog - 101 Dalmatians
- E is for Elephant - Dumbo
- F is for Fish - Finding Nemo
- G is for Genie - Aladdin
- H is for Hero - Hercules
- I is for Island - Lilo and Stitch
- J is for Jungle - Jungle Book
- K is for King - The Lion King
- L is for Llama - The Emperor's New Groove
- M is for Monster - Monsters Inc
- N is for Nest - Willy the Sparrow
- O is for Ocean - The Little Mermaid
- P is for Pirate - Peter Pan
- Q is for Queen - Alice in Wonderland
- R is for Robot - Wall-E
- S is for Snow - Penguins
- T is for Tiger - The Tigger Movie
- U is for Unicorn - Despicable Me
- Chinese New Year - Mulan
- Valentine's Day - Bambi
- Dr Seuss' Birthday

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  1. I have an almost 2 year old and had planned on doing a letter a week with activities. I love the idea of basing it around Disney movies. Can't wait to see what movies you have for the rest of the alphabet.



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