Friday, February 1, 2013

Q is for Queen - Alice in Wonderland

Q is for Queen.
There tends to be a shortage of animated movies about nice Queens.
Don't get me wrong, there are a few good Queens in movies but the focus is always on the princesses.

With that being said and since Valentine's Day coming up
I decided to base this week on the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland...

Besides, she wants all things her way & I wouldn't want her to lose her temper or I might lose my head...

Church Theme: Queen Esther
Primary/Church Song: 'Reverently, Quietly'
Preschool Song/Rhyme: 'Queen of Hearts'
Book: The Queen of France by Tim Wadham
Movie: Alice in Wonderland

Muffin Tin & Movie Monday:

While watching Alice in Wonderland we had 'eat me' cookies, a Queen of Hearts turkey & cheese sandwich, a 'drink me' kool-aid burst, the White Rabbit's carrots, an unbirthday heart cake with a candle, & candy hearts.
(To make the unbirthday candle I used 1 twizzler nips cut in half lengthwise & 2 white chocolate chips warmed up just enough to mold into a flame with my fingers.)

Tumbling Tuesday:
We played a game of croquet in our living room
but we used toy golf clubs & golf balls instead of mallets & croquet balls.
We made wickets out of strips of cardstock taped to the ground.

Word Wednesday:
Q letter sheets
We painted coffee filter roses red

Think About It Thursday:
Q math sheets

Field Trip Friday:
We went to Dairy Queen for some ice cream to celebrate our unbirthday (:
Oh, it's your unbirthday too?
I wish you a very merry unbirthday!
Unless of course it's your birthday... then I wish you a happy birthday!

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  1. Another cute one! You're right about queens, though...there don't seem to be nice movies about them. Strange.

  2. Love the whole lunch but must admit the Queen sandwich is my fave! Its so cute!

  3. Love the "Eat Me" and "Drink Me" references to Alice. And that sandwich is cute.

  4. So adorable! Love the whole tin!



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