Monday, August 31, 2015


My husband wrote this back in 2004.
Yeah... He's pretty awesome (;
8 - 3 - 1

Eight letters, different ones.
So completely inconsequential.
Already in this little story they have all been used.
Twenty six letters in our alphabet,
what would make these so special?
Their arrangement,
into three words.
These three words have the power to change lives
when used correctly.
Over 350,000 words in our language,
and these three among them.
No other words share the same power as these do.
These words must not be thrown around freely,
there has to be meaning and feeling behind them
or they will lose their power.
Only the special ones,
dear to your heart
must hear these words.
These three words have only one meaning.
They are used individually every day in everyone's lives,
but only when they are combined together
do they achieve this one unambiguous meaning.
It can be very difficult to master this ancient power,
but once you do,
your life and the life of the person you share these words with
will be changed
This may be a very small change
or it may be a course-altering change.
One will not know until the words have been used.
What are these powerful words?
Oh I'm sure you've figured it out by now.

Eight letters, three words, one meaning.


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