Saturday, November 17, 2012

I is for Island - Lilo and Stitch

I is for Island
I've never been to Hawaii, but I would love to go there someday!
It looks absolutely beautiful and I hear that they have plenty of fresh pineapple.
I LOVE pineapple.
I love how it looks, smells, and especially how it tastes.
I even enjoy cutting them.
Pineapple also is what I craved most when I was preggo with little dudeman.
Well, that and Coldstone.
Cheesecake ice cream with raspberries & heath bar.
Try it.
It's pretty spectacular!
Anywho, back to islands.
This island themed week was based off of... 

Church Theme: I am a Child of God
Primary/Church Song: 'I am a Child of God'
Preschool Song: '5 Little Ducks'
Book: The Ugly Duckling by Jerry Pinkney

We sat on our beach towels to watch Lilo and Stitch while eating ham, fresh pineapple, coconut macaroons, cherries, Pudge's peanut butter sandwich sushi, & banana poi (we actually ate banana pudding because I didn't have coconut cream).

Tumbling Tuesday:
We did the hula,
played little dudeman's ukulele,
and danced while listening to some Elvis music.

Word Wednesday:
I am a Child of God letter sheets
We made a hand palm tree decoration

Think About It Thursday:
I am a Child of God math sheets

Field Trip Friday:
We went to the beach last Saturday for a little bit, but it was freezing and windy, so we didn't stay long. Ideally I would love to go to the beach again, preferably when it's warmer though so that we can all enjoy it. So instead, we stayed in our warm 80 degree desert and went to get an ice cream cone! (:

"Ohana means family, and family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten."


  1. Hi I am following you from the hop and I love the meaning of Ohana you posted. I enjoyed visiting your blog and look forward to your next post.
    I would love for you to follow along.

  2. Those are some great activities!



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