If you didn't already know...
I have an immense passion for music.
Like, super immense.
Music has magical euphoric powers.
I'm being totally serious right now.
I get a natural high when I listen to music,
so naturally, I listen to it quite frequently...
Music has the power to change my emotions.
To make me giddy or glum.
To make me happy, sad,
or anything in-between.
Music has the power to change my energy levels.
To pump me up or to help me relax.
To make me productive or lazy.
Music has the power to give me chills & warm fuzzies.
It can tingle my spine & make my head swirl.
I can easily become entranced.
It's powerful stuff.
That doesn't happen with every song I listen to,
but when I sit & really listen to every aspect of the song,
every. single. sound.
I find it much easier to get lost in the music
(in a good way of course)
& truly appreciate it...

I love all types of music.
I find every genre fascinating in its own way.
From classical to country,
techno to trance,
rock to rap,
blues to bluegrass,
religious to reggae,
ska to soul,
indie to opera,
pop to punk,
folk to funk,
jazz to jungle,
mainstream to moombahton,
foreign to americana,
a capella to instrumental,
soundtracks to showtunes.
I love it all.

I love to sing.
I wanted to major in vocal performance,
then I realized the chances of me doing something with that major were slim.
So I decided to switch to music education.
I always wanted to be a teacher anyway, so it would be a perfect fit.
I met Hubby & came home from college after 2 semesters,
but I dream of going back someday
simply because I love learning.

I sing in my car with the windows down & the radio up.
I sing at home with my kidlets pretending our life is a musical.
I sing at church.
I sing with the congregation.
I sing in our choir.
I sing in small groups.
& I sing solos.
I've received many wonderful compliments after singing solos at church,
but my favorite was something like this:
"You sing like a Disney Princess."
Best. compliment. ever.
This next one I hold near & dear to my heart as well:
"You sound like an angel & should be recorded. Here's my card."
That comment gave me the wonderful opportunity to record.
Timing was crazy because of the move,
(we recorded the day before)
& for one of the songs I had to read different music than my pianist
because I had already packed my sheet music,
but we did our best to make it work.
I was only able to record 4 songs due to time,
but I would love to share them with you via SoundCloud,
& hope to be able to record more someday...
Enjoy! (:

O, My Father
He Sent His Son
The Power of Heaven
I Love to See the Temple

Mary, Did You Know? (phone recording)

My broha has the same extreme passion for music that I do.
He is known to the music world as GlitchByte.
You can listen to his songs here:
Skyborn (Demo)(Not Mixed Or Mastered)
Skyborn (Unfinished/Intro)


  1. Holy Cow! What a gorgeous voice you have! I agree. It's very Disney-princess-like. What a cool way to share your talent. Technology and this blog stuff never ceases to amaze me. Thank you so much for sharing.

    1. Thanks for the wonderful comment! I'm so glad you enjoyed the songs... I wasn't sure if I really wanted to post them or not. I have a hard time listening to my recordings because I hear every little mistake. We are our own toughest critics I guess! If you lived closer I'd invite you to our ward this Sunday... I'm singing "Mary Did You Know" for our Christmas program. Maybe I'll try to record a practice run on my phone... haha



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