Monday, September 10, 2012

My version of mommy school

So I started teaching our 2 year old this past week with my own version of Mommy School. I'm a beginner at this so I figured I would just take it one step at a time & mix a bunch of ideas that I found online that I felt I could actually do, nothing too fancy. There's just so many great ideas out there & so many supermoms that seem to be able to do it all that I have a hard time picking which site to mainly follow! Not to mention, I don't feel like I have the time or creativity to come up with all of these great ideas on my own... So please bear with me since I am probably going to have lots of links seeing as I want to give credit to the sites that I got the ideas from...

I started with just playing around on the Starfall website with him & it is awesome to hear him say that he wants to play the ABC game rather than watch tv. It's on the computer, so he's still in front of a screen, but at least he's learning. I guess that means "so far, so good"... As far as starfall goes, when we move on to the other colors & numbers we won't be using it anymore since we're just using what is free. Free is good. (: Their whole alphabet section is free though, so we'll continue to play with that.

He already knows all of his colors, numbers, shapes, & most of the alphabet so I don't know how much he's actually getting from all this, but I guess I just don't want him to lose his excitement for learning. There's always more to learn & so many fun ways to do so!

I also really like the monthly theme idea from so I am going to try & use that. I'll probably just do one a month, but maybe two if there's a holiday coming up.

This is how I PLAN for things to go:

- Focus on one letter, number, color, shape, & nursery rhyme each week
- 5 to 10 minutes daily on Starfall for ABC's
- Storytime daily with a monthly theme related book (I might just get one new book a week from the library)
- Movie & Muffin tin Mondays (I'll start with just ABC, color, or shape themes in a muffin tin for lunch while having a movie picnic in the living room)
- Music Mondays (We'll have singing time Monday too... Preschool songs & primary songs from church)
- Tumbling Tuesday (somersaults, jumping jacks, & other fun/easy exercises)
- Word Wednesday (coloring, pre-writing exercises, & eventually practice writing ABC's)
- Think about it Thursday (I'll focus on easy science or math activities)
- Field trip Fridays (Picnicking & playing at the park, visiting the Children's museum, random acts of kindness, or something else fun & away from the house. I'll probably plan this for while I'm running errands so I'm not wasting gas)
- When we brush his teeth, we sing the ABC's to him so he hears it every day. (We've been doing that for a while now & it helps him enjoy it)

Hopefully this goes well since we also have a teething almost 6 month old daughter that recently discovered crawling. I don't plan on spending more than an hour or maybe two total on everything each day since I have other things to get done & I know for a fact that I will be interrupted...

I'll keep you posted on how this goes for me. Who knows, maybe aspects of it will work for you too!


  1. I absolutely LOVE your version of mommy school! I might have to try this with our son. We just returned (in October) from a week at Disney World. It was T's first trip to DW. :) I think we ALL still have *magic* on the brain! lol.

    1. Thanks! It's a lot of fun & I try to keep it fairly simple (although I don't always get around to doing it all) haha... I hope T enjoyed his first trip to DW! Our little dudeman has only been to Disneyland, but hopefully we can make it out to the other end of the country in the next year or so! (:

  2. Love your ideas! I'm going to try something like this with my kids and the ones I watch, hopefully it goes well :)

    1. Thanks! Good luck, and let me know how it turns out!



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