Sunday, November 12, 2017

Oh, hey... I have a blog. I should probably post something.

Once upon a time
a girl started a blog.
It was a quiet little blog
with a very small following.
But she loved it.

Around three years ago she had some strange health concerns arise.
They made it difficult for her to think & concentrate
which in turn made it difficult to work on her blog posts.

Her regular posts began to dwindle,
but she kept her link party going
since it didn't require as much thought on her part.

Most of her symptoms began to improve
aside from the occasional flare-up,
but her anxiety continued to worsen.

Her schedule & her anxiety grew over the summer
as she prepared herself for her firstborn's segue to Kindergarten.

She could no longer maintain her blog.
Before she knew it her link party came to an end
& all was quiet.

She gave birth to her fourth child,
Little Snowflake,
at 5:30pm on 1/9/17,
exactly 100 years after the child's great-great-grandmother was born (in 1917).
Her sweet baby weighed 8 lbs 1 oz & was 20" long
which shocked everyone since her mother was induced three weeks early
due to symptoms of preeclampsia.

A few hours after delivery
they had to put the young mom on a 24 hour magnesium drip
because things weren't quite right.
Her reflexes were off,
her bleeding was heavy,
her platelets were low,
& they were still keeping close tabs on her blood pressure.
She ended up staying an extra couple nights
until the doctors felt comfortable sending her home.

She called her OB a week later
since she was still dealing with heavy bleeding
with no signs of slowing.
After a couple days of bed rest
they asked her to come back in to the office to do an ultrasound.
Her doctor looked at the findings
& scheduled for an emergency D&C
to be done right after her appt.

Apparently there was some leftover tissue left behind from the delivery
which was causing all the heavy bleeding.
After this surgery,
her platelet count improved & her bleeding stopped.

It was time for her to finally relax & enjoy her precious newborn.

Stay tuned for:
Colic & Reflux
One Big Thing

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