Friday, February 7, 2014

U is for Unicorn - Despicable Me

After a 10 month hiatus due to
the movethe funeral, & the holidays
Mommy School is back in session (:

We left off with T is for Tiger: The Tigger Movie back in April,
which means that the letter U is up next...

U is for Unicorn.
I could have easily picked Toy Story 3 because of Buttercup,
but I already did a Toy Story theme so I thought I would switch it up a bit.
Vladimir collects ceramic unicorns in Tangled,
but that seems like such a small detail of the movie that I didn't think the kids would notice.
There is an animated short in Fantasia with unicorns,
but I have other plans for Fantasia.

Although it's not a Disney movie,
when I think of unicorns I think of Despicable Me...
Why you ask?
Because of sweet little Agnes & her incredible love for unicorns!

Photo credit:

So this week was all about Despicable Me,
& of course, unicorns.

Church Theme: Utah Pioneers
Primary/Church Song: 'Pioneer Children Sang as They Walked'
Preschool Song: chorus to 'The Unicorn Song' - (lyrics)
Book: Baby Unicorn & Baby Dragon by Jean Marzollo

While watching Despicable Me, we ate mini pancakes, a unicorn horn (ice cream cone dipped in melted white chocolate), a banana minion, orange unicorn horns (carrots), cookie robots disguised as coconutties, baby unicorn horns (bugles), a twinkie minion, & a Milano cookie minion in a mud pie.

Tumbling Tuesday:
We trotted around on my unicorn stick pony that I've had since I was little.
Living room dance recital.

Field Trip Friday (Wednesday):
After looking at the week's forecast, I decided to switch Wednesday & Friday this week.
Friday's -25 windchill didn't seem like safe weather to play outside in...
So on Wednesday, we went on a 'pioneer trek' pulling a loaded sled through the snow in our backyard.
Now that Friday has arrived, I'm 100% glad we switched days or we would be pulling that sled indoors.

Think About It Thursday:

Word Wednesday (Friday):
U letter sheets
Decorated unicorn horns

I've really missed Mommy School
& so have the kidlets...
I don't know if I'll be able to do it every week like I used to
since we still have a lot going on right now,
but I want to try to pull it off at least every other week or every 3 weeks.
Hopefully I can make that happen!



  1. I've really missed the Muffin Tin Monday theme -- so I'm trying to visit others and see if we can bring some Muffin Tin Moments and gather together and share ideas. I have a link-up and button on my blog and hope that you will join us! I've really enjoyed looking at all your creative muffin tin creations.




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