Friday, December 7, 2012

K is for King - The Lion King

K is for King which meant there were plenty of directions I could have taken this week.
I want to talk about human royalty during the prince/princess week in the spring so I decided to mainly focus on the king of the jungle or THE LION KING...

Church Theme: Keep the Commandments
Primary/Church Song: 'Keep the Commandments'
Preschool Song: 'Old King Cole'
Book: How Leo Learned to Be King by Marcus Pfister

 We ate wildebeest meat (chicken), a lion sandwich, asante sana squashed bananas, gummy worm grubs, pride rocks (I just used melted white chocolate chips & crushed oreos), & a zebra striped boston creme roll (I couldn't find any actual zebra cakes).

Tumbling Tuesday:
We pretended to be lions and worked on our roars

Word Wednesday:
K letter sheets
Lion King coloring pages

Think About It Thursday:
K math sheets
We tried to grow a gummy worm in water. I just got some generic ones from Target, but they didn't want to grow. We were checking every 5 minutes at first, then 10, then 20. After about an hour, there was barely a noticeable change. We ended up just playing around with textures & had plenty of fun trying to pick up the slimy worm. Then it was eaten...
Slimy, yet satisfying.

Field Trip Friday:
It would have been fun to go to the Living Desert or a different zoo to see some animals, but we had to postpone that to a later date when money isn't so tight, so maybe after the holidays... Instead we just delivered goodies to neighbors.

Hakuna Matata!


  1. Following along from ABC and 123. Always enjoy finding a site with great ideas! Hope you will hop over and follow back!

    Julie @ Hey Mommy, Chocolate Milk

  2. So fun, once again! Thanks for linking up with Tip-toe thru Tuesday every week!



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