Friday, November 9, 2012

H is for Hero - Hercules

H is for Hero.
I could have easily gone with any hero, but Hercules also starts with H so I decided to go with HERCULES...

Ah, this movie brings back so many memories from when it first came out... I remember that I got the soundtrack, then my friend & I memorized all of the songs. We then casted ourselves multiple roles, rehearsed at both of our homes until we had perfected it, and acted out the entire soundtrack in my living room for our families. Good times, good times.

Church Theme: Helaman
Primary/Church Song: 'We'll Bring the World His Truth'
Preschool Song/Rhyme: 'One Two, Buckle My Shoe'
Book: Super Sam by Lori Reis

While watching Hercules we ate a mini hero (I cheated & got Subway), lightning bolt cheese, red grapes (like the ones Phil threw out of the bowl that he ate), Hades' 'devil' food cake cookies, Greek yogurt, & Pegasus' cotton candy clouds.

Tumbling Tuesday:
We trained to be heroes by doing a discus throw (frisbee), jumping jacks, sprinting across the living room, and of course we tested our skills in battling monsters and saving damsels in distress (we used our imaginations, toys, & stuffed animals)

Word Wednesday:
Helaman letter sheets
Hercules coloring pages (I did a Google search to find some)

Think About It Thursday:
Helaman math sheets
We created Stratos (the tornado titan) in a bottle

Field Trip Friday:
We went for a walk on our street and picked up trash to save planet Earth. However, it was really windy which made it kind of difficult to do so we didn't stay out too long. We'll just have to try again another day.

"A true hero isn't measured by the size of his strength, but by the strength of his heart."


  1. I love that H is for hero and some great related ideas there.

  2. Your snack is AWESOME! I want to have a theme snack with all movies, now. P.S. I'm a huge Disney fan, too.

    1. Thanks! It's always great to find others with the same appreciation for Disney that I have!

  3. I don't think I've ever watched Hercules. lol Maybe I should. :) Thanks for linking up with tip-toe thru tuesday.

  4. Very cute, Marissa! I am a little behind with visiting blogs linked to Bento Blog Network. I have added you to our list of bloggers on the sidebar. I've also updated the upcoming themes. Hope to see you again!



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