Friday, February 22, 2013

R is for Robot - Wall-E

R is for Robot,
Reduce, Reuse, & Recycle.
That's why Wall-E was the perfect fit for this week...

Church Theme: Resurrection
Primary/Church Song: 'I Wonder When He Comes Again'
Preschool Song: 'I'm A Little Robot'
Book: Robots Everywhere by Denny Hebson
Movie: Wall-E

We were planning on doing this in March & not having Mommy School this week because Little Dudeman was scheduled to have Eye Muscle Surgery for strabismic amblyopia on Thursday.

However, on Tuesday he got sick, had a fever, & experienced throwing up for the first time ever.
Poor kid was miserable.
We had to reschedule the surgery because we didn't want to risk his eye getting infected afterwards since it could cause serious problems, one of which being blindness.

Wednesday he was feeling over all much better though so I decided to try to squeeze in a few fun things this week anyway...

For lunch we had ham & cheese squares condensed & stacked by Wall-E, earth dirt pudding w/ a gummy plant, a BnL strawberry-smoothie-in-a-cup, a milky way, star tots, space ice cream, & a chocolate Hal (Wall-E's pet cockroach) inside of his twinkie bed.

R letter & math sheets
Made a robot out of boxes & paper towel rolls

I wanted for us to plant a tree but it was really windy, the kids were still stuffy, & I had really bad hayfever...
Besides, we didn't even have a tree yet since I wasn't planning on doing anything this week!
We ended up staying inside & Little Dudeman helped water our poinsetta that has somehow barely survived since Christmas.
We also had a small dance party & danced the robot.

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  1. Gotta love the 3 R's! Great muffin tin meal! :)

    1. Thanks! I really had fun teaching him about them even though it was a short week!

  2. I just love your Wall-e themed tin. The addition of the cockroach is so cute. Where did you find that gummy. And I love the cheese squares .So imaginative.

    1. Thanks! For the cockroach I used half of a chocolate heart and a couple gummy slivers that I cut off of a purple gummy fruit slice. I made the gummy plant by cutting a green gummy fruit slice into a stem and a few leaves, then I propped the plant up using some green gummy scraps. Every time that I cut the gummy fruit slices I dipped them in sugar so the edges weren't as sticky.

  3. LOVE that you used Wall-E for Earth Day!! Awesome idea and your muffin tin is adorable!!

  4. We love Wall-E! What a great MTM!



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