Friday, January 11, 2013

N is for Nest - Willy the Sparrow

N is for Nest.
This is the first week that I'm straying from a Disney movie.
Shocking, I know...
but that's because I have an awesome nostalgic movie to share instead!
I'm interested to see how many of you have seen WILLY THE SPARROW...

I loved this movie growing up, and it has a wonderful message about being kind to animals & respecting all living things. I was so excited when I saw that I could borrow it from our library!

Church Theme: Nephi
Primary/Church Song: 'Nephi's Courage'
Preschool Song: '5 Little Chickadees'
Book: The Best Nest by P.D. Eastman
Movie: Willy the Sparrow

This week definitely didn't go as planned.
Both kids were sick, so we did a lot of taking it easy. Last year we barely got sick at all so I guess this year it's only fair that we have a constant cold running around our family.

Our little Princess had a constant fever & congestion from Saturday until Tuesday, so Monday was filled with lots of cuddles on the couch.

Congestion continues, but we made a giant nest in our living room with rolled blankets & pretended to be birds.

We needed to run a few errands so we did our field trip a couple days early & made a quick stop at the park to count all the different birds we could see. We didn't stay long though because I didn't want them to get more sick than the sniffles they already had & although I remembered their sweatshirts, I forgot mine.

I got about 4.5 hours of broken sleep Wednesday night after dealing with 2 stuffy, tossy-turny kids that couldn't sleep. Little Dudeman got hit with the fever so I gave him some medicine to help bring it down and in doing so, got a tiny drop in my eye as he was trying to spit it out. He was absolutely miserable all day & just wanted to cuddle on the couch, watch movies, & play Sonic with me.
Yep, you heard me right, he was asking for me to play Nintendo...
How could I not when he asked so politely?

Fevers & congestion continued throughout Thursday night, but we got more sleep so that was good. This morning there was lots of congestion & our little Princess developed a tiny cough. Not terrible, but no fun nonetheless. We weren't going anywhere & Little Dudeman wasn't as miserable as the day before so I decided to do the Muffin Tin & movie today...

While watching Willy the Sparrow we had a sliced egg, a ramen noodle nest, grape 'eggs', a Peep, a butterscotch nest w/ JellyBelly eggs, & Reese's eggs.

Hopefully the kids feel better next week!

FYI... If you want to stick to the Disney theme,
I can't think of any good ones that have a lot of nests,
but you can always use The Three Caballeros since they are 3 birds.
(although I plan on saving that for Cinco De Mayo)
If I think of something better, I'll let you know...

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  1. That muffin tin is SOOO cute! Love how you tied it into the movie!

  2. This is so cute! I love how you coordinate your snacks with your movies! I need to try that, I know my girls would love it!

  3. Such a cute Muffin Tin Meal, I love the nests!

  4. Love all the eggs and nests! So cute!

  5. That little ramen noodle nest is the cutest! Love it!

    Thanks for linking up with Muffin Tin Monday. I enjoy your trip through the alphabet!



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