Friday, March 22, 2013

S is for Snow - Penguins

S is for Snow.
We are a little lacking here in the desert when it comes to snow.
I have mixed feelings about that...
Anywho, snow reminds me of penguins & I just couldn't skip penguin week.
That would be devastating.
For me.
For the kids.
For everyone, everywhere.
Especially for the penguins.

and we just couldn't have that,
because I love penguins.

Church Theme: Samuel the Lamanite
Primary/Church Songs: 'Samuel Tells of Baby Jesus' & 'Once There Was A Snowman'
Preschool Song: 'Oh, It Snowed Last Night'
Book: The Emperor's Egg by Martin Jenkins

Movies we watched:
Surf's Up
The Adventures of Scamper the Penguin
Happy Feet 1 & 2
The Pebble & the Penguin
Penguins of Madagascar - Operation: DVD Premiere
March of the Penguins

We decided to do a Surf's Up lunch this time around because S stands for Snow, Surf, Sand, Sun, & Shiverpool.

We ate shell pasta, a penguin pb&j, a surfboard sandwich w/ a gummy penguin, Chicken Joe's chicken sticks (they taste like... chicken.), olives (I was going to make olive penguins but realized I had no carrots), a one-of-a-kind Big Z necklace, a blue icee (representing icy cold Shiverpool, the blue ocean water, & a cool treat for a hot sunny day at the beach), penguin crackers, & swedish fish.

Tumbling Tuesday:
We waddled around like daddy penguins protecting our egg from the freezing cold snow.
I thought it was ridiculously difficult.
Kudos to daddy penguins everywhere...
It takes some major talent & dedication to keep those chicks alive!
Yep, it's a reversible egg/penguin.
Nifty huh?

Word Wednesday:
S letter sheets
We made a shape penguin

Think About It Thursday:
Field Trip Friday:
I would love to go to Big Bear & play in the snow...
I knew Hubby wouldn't want me to drive up there alone with the kids though,
and all of our weekends are super busy right now, so that was out of the question.
If our kids were older & we had decent hills around here I would take them ice blocking, but that's not the case.
So what did we do?
We took a few ice cubes outside to see how long it would take them to melt on our sidewalk.
(It took about 20 minutes at 80 degrees in case you were wondering)
Not terribly exciting, but we had fun anyway (:
We should have tried it last week when it got up to 102 degrees here...
It would have been interesting to see how much faster they would have melted.
My sisters had a snow day in Minnesota a couple weeks ago & got even more snow last week!
I don't think the ice cubes would do a whole lot of melting out there.

Here's my uncle chilling with some penguins in Antarctica...
How awesome is that?!
I am so going there someday!

Oh, just in case you wanted to celebrate...
Penguin Awareness Day is January 20th
World Penguin Day is April 25th

As far as I know, Disney hasn't come out with any full-length penguin movies.
There are a few classic animated shorts or cameos in movies though...
Peculiar Penguins (1934)
Donald's Penguin (1939)
The Cold-Blooded Penguin (1945 in The Three Caballeros)
Mary Poppins also has adorable animated penguins it it

(Update: If you want to stick to the Disney theme for S is for Snow, you could always use Frozen.
I didn't use it because it wasn't out when I made this!)

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