Saturday, October 13, 2018

Something Small to Smile About

"Something Small to Smile About" is a community gratitude journal of sorts.
Follow this link to join & invite your friends!

An uplifting quote or picture will be posted each day,
& members are invited to share something small (or big) that they're thankful for in that day's post.

Reflect back upon your day & find something good that happened,
something you're grateful for,
or something that made you smile.

Showing gratitude for the little things
has been one of the best ways to change my outlook & perspective on life.
Whenever I'm in a rut,
I like to look back at the things I'm grateful for
or the things that put a smile on my face
to help me cheer up & get going again.

My hope is that people will feel more excited about the little "wins" in their life,
& everything that makes them smile.
When we share positivity in a community setting,
it helps each & every one of us have a happier heart.

And on those days when we feel like everything is going wrong & we have nothing to smile about,
we can turn to this group,
feel the positive vibes,
& find something small to smile about.

Just a few group rules:

<< Be Kind & Respectful >>
This is a happy place to share things that have brightened our day,
so don't say anything to bring others down.
I won't give warnings on this rule.
Be kind or be banned.
Let's work together to create a welcoming environment & treat everyone with respect.

<< Share Your Happy Moments in the Daily Thread >>
Seeing as how this is a community gratitude journal,
let's do our best to share our happy moments in the daily thread.
This helps keep the group organized.
You can share anything you're grateful for that day - big or small.

<< No Marketing, Promotions, or Spam >>
Please don't market or sell any products here.
This is a safe place for happy thoughts & community, not a place to build businesses.

If you can commit to keeping these rules,
we would LOVE to have you join our gratitude community!
Also, please invite your friends...
We want to spread happiness
- the more the merrier!

Something Small to Smile About
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