Wednesday, October 1, 2014

31 days - 31 posts (again)

Well, I tried to...
My mother-in-law, Gram, passed away
& I went on a blogging hiatus.

I'm going to try to write 31 days again this year
because I never achieved my goal of posting 3 times a week afterwards.
Chances are that I won't post every single day,
but I'll do my best.
Although I enjoy blogging,
I'm a busy mama
who loves baby cuddles
& playing with my children more (;
Really though.
They're only the ages they are once
& I don't want to miss out in finding joy in the journey.

You can check back here to see each of my 31 posts,
or just follow my blog to save the hassle (:

Day 1: Halloween 2014 Costume Party (link party)
Day 2: High-Five Postcard Craft
Day 3: Lazy Day Lasagna aka Quasagna
Day 4: Saturday Dishes - Noodles (link party)
Day 5: MOPS - Courage to Be a Mom
Day 6:
Day 7:
Day 8: Your Ancestors Live On - Activity Days
Day 9: Come and See - Meet the Mormons
Day 10:
Day 11: Saturday Dishes - Soups & Stews (link party)
Day 12: Postpartum Preeclampsia
Day 13:
Day 14: Mormon Enchiladas
Day 15:
Day 16:
Day 17:
Day 18: Saturday Dishes - Pumpkin & Squash (link party)
Day 19:
Day 20:
Day 21:
Day 22:
Day 23:
Day 24: 31 Days Update
Day 25: Saturday Dishes - Halloween (link party)
Day 26:
Day 27: FHE - The Holy Ghost
Day 28: Halloween Dinner - Chicken Parmesan Mummies
Day 29:
Day 30:
Day 31:

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  1. Your high five postcard craft was such a great idea. I bet it did bring a smile to your mail carrier. Good luck on your 31 Days of writing journey. And I hope life doesn't hijack you this year.



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