Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Your ancestors live on - Activity Days

For Activity Days this month we are focusing on family history.

You see...
Your ancestors live on through you,
much like sourdough starter
Boudin Bakery still uses the same sourdough starter that was mixed over 150 years ago.
They save a little bit of the starter dough to mix with flour & water each day to keep the fermentation process going.

We are all descendants of Adam & Eve.
A little piece of them was passed on to their children
& so on and so forth
just like the mother dough at Boudin Bakery...
Our ancestors pass on their genes
as well as their stories
from generation to generation.

It's our job to trace our family lines as far back as possible.
To get to know each of them as individuals.
To learn of their joys & hardships.
To do their temple work.

Something special happens as you trace your lineage back to Adam & Eve.
You'll see familiar names along the way.
Names you've learned about in history class,
names you've read about in the scriptures,
& many names that you probably have never heard of.
As you begin to realize that they are your actual ancestors,
those names become actual people.
They become family.
You'll desire to learn more about them.

You'd be surprised what you can learn from your ancestors.
Chances are that you have more in common than just eye & hair color.
You may be named after one of them.
You may have similar personalities or interests.
You may have experienced similar trials.
Perhaps they have answers to questions you have.

Start small.
Get to know your closest ancestors first.
Then branch further & further out on each line.
See how far you can get & see how much you learn about your family (:

We discussed all of this during Activity Days yesterday.
We shared stories about our ancestors,
ate some sourdough bread,
& helped the girls fill out
My Family: Stories That Bring Us Together booklets
with information that they brought from home.
They are going to finish filling them out with the help of their families.

We also sent them home with this
7 generation family tree
to encourage them to go back a little further with their family history research.
Since the spots are so small we told them it would be okay to just color in the spots after they were entered in FamilySearch.

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