Monday, November 12, 2012

Nightmare Before Christmas - Halloween dinner 2012

This year for Halloween instead of doing a "Halloween" dinner,
we did a Nightmare Before Christmas dinner...
It was basically a smaller version of Christmas dinner with a Halloween twist.
(Notice the red Christmas tablecloth)

We had Halloweentown ham shaped like ghosts,

Pumpkin King potatoes,

and Oogie Boogie's rolls (We couldn't forget the dice!).

We also had Sally's stuffing, peas & candy corn,

and Halloween jigglers!

We turned the lights out and got to enjoy the meal with our Halloween candles!

We were also going to watch The Nightmare Before Christmas that night since it went with dinner, but time just didn't allow for it so we had to postpone the movie.


  1. Ok, you had me with Disney, but then you went and made a NBC dinner?! You rock! I'm now following your blog.

    1. Thanks, you rock for following! ;) I had more planned for the dinner, but couldn't find certain things that I was looking for...



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