Saturday, October 12, 2013

Mommy School (2013-2014)

Mommy School has been a little delayed this year.
I'm not exactly sure if or when I'll get into a normal routine,
but this is what I would like to focus on...

Little Dudeman:

  • Fine motor skills (focusing mostly on scissors since he knows how to write all of his letters pretty well)
  • Tricky reading rules (he knows how to read things phonetically as long as those silly English rules don't apply)
  • Math (simple addition & subtraction)
  • Spanish ABCs & basic words (he needs the challenge since he can say it in English forwards & backwards)
  • Potty training (I would love to not be buying diapers all the time)
  • Drinking in actual cups (he gave up when he was younger because he doesn't like things spilling on him)

Little Princess:

  • ABCs (she has bits of it memorized, but not the whole thing in order)
  • 1-10 (shouldn't be terribly hard)
  • shapes & colors (I think she knows her colors pretty well; but the shapes, not so much...)
  • Potty training (two kids potentially out of diapers... a girl can dream, right?)
  • Drinking in actual cups (seriously, real cups are so much easier to clean than sippy cups)
I've been teaching them a little here & a little there,
but just haven't gotten into a routine yet.
But realistically, parenting is all about the spontaneous teaching moments.
Often times that's when we (parents & children alike) learn the most.
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  1. Marissa, I had never heard of Mommy School before you mentioned it today. Now I feel like such a slacker! ;) But seriously, I am so impressed with your ideas and motivation! I will have to incorporate this kind of teaching with my kiddos this fall.



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