Thursday, April 18, 2013

Kuzco Rafiki

Gratitude Journal - Little Dudeman

11/2/11 (fb) - "Day 2: I am thankful for Little Dudeman & for all the joy he brings to my life! He's so stinkin' adorable & always puts a smile on my face! He's gonna be one awesome big broha (:"


4/17/13 - Let me rephrase that... He IS one awesome big broha!

He knew his little sister's name before she was born.
He would hug my tummy & give her kisses all the time.
It was absolutely precious.
When our Little Princess was born he would run to her when she was crying to make sure she was okay.
When he's sick, he asks me what she is doing, & wants her to stay where he can see her.
He reads to her, sings with her, & dances with her.
He loves to play with her and make her laugh & smile.
She wants to be just like him.
Sure, they get on each other's nerves every now & then;
but they love each other.
A lot.

He's absolutely adorable.
So is Little Princess, but I'll save that for another post...

Some of his signature sayings when he was younger:
"Oh yes."

Other fun tidbits about Little Dudeman:
He was born right on his due date.
Hubby reeeally wanted to name him Kuzco Rafiki, but I felt like the name just didn't suit him.
He knows his ABCs & CBAs.
He's small for his age - almost 3 & he wears 18 month clothes.
He is the sweetest & smartest little boy I know.

He is supposed to have eye muscle surgery for strabismic amblyopia in the morning.
The surgery will be about 45 minutes & he will be completely out for it.
Although I'm sure he will be fine, I still worry.
I hate seeing him miserable.
I am hoping for a quick recovery & that he won't be in a lot of pain.
I want him to be back to his normal, chipper, cheerful self as soon as possible.
Thoughts & prayers would be greatly appreciated.


  1. I caught this one day too late. I hope everything went great this morning for your Little Dudeman. We're praying the recovery goes great and he's back to running and playing in no time!

    1. Thanks - The surgery went well, but we don't know how successful it was yet. He has a follow-up today at 1 to see how it's doing. He slept a lot yesterday & kept saying to "take the owie out of (his) eye", but is pretty much back to his normal self today. He keeps it open for a few hours, then closed for a few hours once it starts bothering him. I was anticipating a much more difficult recovery, so I'm really grateful that it is going well.

  2. Oh I hope he recovers quickly and that all went well. The littlest thing can worry a mama, let alone SURGERY. How adorable he is! Sending prayers and hugs your way.

    1. Thank you - We're so glad that it went well!

  3. Saying a prayer for your little guy's eye surgery. I know how much we as moms worry about our little ones!
    Having siblings that love each other is a blessing. Every. Day.

    Thanks for linking up at There's Just One Mommy!

    1. Thank you - The surgery went well and they're back to playing & chasing each other around the house!



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