Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Girl's Camp 2012

I know it's 2014 now,
but I've been thinking about the Young Women from our old ward in California a lot lately.
I miss those wonderful girls dearly & thought it would be fun to reminisce a bit.
Besides, my kidlets are obsessed with The Incredibles right now...

The theme for girl's camp in 2012 was Superheroes, Arise & Shine Forth...

Our ward was assigned the value Integrity & the color purple.

Right off the bat,
we couldn't think of any well-known superheroes that wore purple
so we figured that we would need to come up with our own.
We were thinking that making capes would be fun,
but then thought that EVERYONE would probably be thinking the same thing.
Our minds raced through all cape-less superheroes that we could think of,
but all of them seemed too familiar.
We wanted something recognizable,
but not everyone's first choice when they think superhero.
Then a lightbulb turned on.
Disney heroes!
Why hadn't we thought of them sooner?
With "The Avengers" and all the other comic book superhero movies coming out,
nobody else would think to choose Disney heroes!
We remembered that the Incredibles don't wear capes
- Edna Mode -
& that chances are nobody else would choose them.
Not to mention they have an "I" on their supersuits,
& Integrity starts with "I".
This would be perfect!
Then Hubby popped his head in the room & came up with a brilliant beyond brilliant idea...
Why don't we merge the words "integrity" & "girls"
to come up with our superhero name:
{I know, I know... The word is a little funny looking. It's also very catchy.}
We were the Incredible Integrigirls!

We then had the daunting task of creating our supersuits.
We wanted to do ward t-shirts AND sweatshirts
since it gets cold at camp at night & so we could represent our ward while staying warm.

Ideally, we would have looked like this...

...only purple.

But alas, we didn't have the time, budget, or materials to create said supersuits.
So what did we do?
We bought purple t-shirts & sweatshirts.
I created an Incredibles "I" stencil using a transparency of sorts.
Then we bleach-dyed each of the t-shirts & sweatshirts using the "I" stencil.
After they were all bleach-dyed and washed,
we decorated the fronts & backs with glow-in-the-dark puffy paint!
I wish I would have taken pictures of them right after we finished them,
but I didn't
so you get to see the effects of my shirt being worn for 2 years...

I'd say they turned out pretty cute
& they looked INCREDIBLE at night (;

I didn't get to go to most of camp in 2012,
because Little Princess was still a nursing infant
& Little Dudeman was 2...
Our whole family went up the last night of camp for Bishop's night & testimony meeting,
but I got sick shortly after dinner
so I laid down in a cabin & didn't go to testimony meeting.
I was super bummed.
We left early the next morning for a 3 week road trip
with stops to visit family & friends in Utah, Illinois, Tennessee, Texas, & Arizona.
It was quite an adventure,
but it was most certainly incredible.


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