Sunday, June 15, 2014

Belated Birthday Boys

Little Dudeman turned four at the end of April.

He's growing up waaay too fast!
We let him open a few presents on his birthday while Grampa was in town for a business trip,
& he got to pick out a cake at the store so he could blow out candles.

He reeeally wanted a Nintendo party
& it happened,
but a month late...
You see, we moved to our new house just a couple days after his birthday
so a party at the old house simply wasn't going to happen
with all the showings, packing, cleaning, & whatnot.

When we finally got to have his Nintendo party
it lasted an entire week.
Dinner one night,
Cake & ice cream another night,
Presents another night.
Playing Nintendo games yet another night...

We had Pizzetti for his birthday dinner
since Mario wanted Spaghetti
& Luigi wanted Pizza.

We also had Goomba garlic bread,
Sonic the Hedgehog salad,
& Princess Peach soda to drink.

We ate this Nintendo themed cake...

It's a blue cake
with blue jello frosting (;

He opened his presents,
among which was his very own Wiimote!

Little Dudeman had a blue room at our old house
& wanted his bedroom in the new house to be blue as well
so we let him pick out paint & bedding for his birthday.
He chose Sonic the Hedgehog bedding that I'm sure my Broha would approve of,
& an awesome blue that he helped Hubby paint!

It's still in progress,
but I'll share more pics once it's all finished!

Hubby had his birthday the week after we moved,
but it was very different than his UP party last year.
We still have a long way to go before feeling remotely unpacked or settled,
the wrapping paper was all hiding in storage at the time,
& we had been making trips to our old house each week for random reasons.
I had plans for his birthday.
I really did.
But then life happened...
So we went out to Kona Grill to enjoy a nice dinner as a family.
The food was absolutely wonderful
& they brought him a huge ultimate fudge brownie for his birthday!
When we came home we did some much needed laundry
then Hubby opened his presents.
They were loosely wrapped in newspaper & packing materials
since we had no accessible wrapping paper or tape.
I even hid one of them so we could play the warmer/colder game,
but apparently I forgot how to play it.
I didn't remember that you can say things like
'ice cold',
'on fire',
'lava hot',
I stuck to 'warmer' & 'colder' the entire time.
Next time I'll try to be less boring! (;

We ate his cake once we finished eating the Nintendo cake.
One birthday at a time, right?

Check out my Video Game Party board on Pinterest for more ideas
& don't forget to swing by each weekend for the Saturday Dishes Link Party!
The DUTCH OVEN & CAMPING party is going on right now,
& COLD SUMMERY TREATS will start up this weekend...
We'd love to see what you have to share!

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  1. Thank you for sharing this post at City of Creative Dream's City of Links on Friday! I appreciate you taking the time to party with me. Hope to see you again this week :)



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