Friday, January 24, 2014

RE: You are enough.

This post started as a comment,
then a short email,
then I decided it was something that I should just share with everyone.
Because I think we can all learn from these three words.
You are enough.

I've been wanting to write you this ever since your post on September 20th.
I feel like we should all read that beautiful post
every. single. day.
We all need to be reminded that we are enough
& that comparing ourselves to others is only going to make us miserable in the long run.
I find myself doing it far too often.

I find myself comparing my chaotic cluttered house to someone's not-even-a-crumb home.
I find myself comparing our budget to other people's ability to spend freely without thinking.
I find myself comparing my singing abilities to someone who sounds even more beautiful.
I find myself comparing my blog with blogs much better & more successful than mine.
I find myself comparing my life to the Pinterest-perfect ones.
I even compare myself to you from time to time.

You helped me remember that I'm not the only one doing the comparing.
The grass isn't always greener on the other side.
Sometimes, the people we are comparing ourselves to are doing that as well.
We may not even realize that they may be comparing themselves to us.

Maybe the woman with the spotless home wishes she had kids that were still in diapers.
Maybe the person spending money carelessly wishes they weren't so far into debt.
Maybe that beautiful-sounding soprano wishes she had a mostly smooth tone rather than so much vibrato.
Maybe the successful blogger wishes that things were simple again like when they first started.

Then I realize that I am truly blessed.
I am blessed to have a wonderful family & extended family.
I am blessed to have happy, healthy little children
that someday won't be so little.
I have the chance to stay at home to help them learn & grow.
To watch them reach for the stars & follow their dreams.
To watch them become the amazing grown-ups that I know they will someday be.
and when I count my blessings I feel a thousand times better.

I just wanted to say thank you, Kimmie.
You are wonderful.
You are enough.

There are so many other inspirational posts by Kimmie at Hello M[ess]
& by other bloggers that I sometimes want to write more than a mere comment on.
I think I may do this whole commenting on their blog through my blog thing more often.
We'll see...
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