Monday, November 4, 2013

Halloween Dinner 2013

So remember that Halloween post
where I explained that Halloween didn't feel like Halloween this year?

On Friday we had our Halloween dinner.
A day late.
Trying to keep that tradition alive.
It was tasty, but even this dinner didn't seem very Halloween-like.
We didn't get out the Halloween tablecloth.
We didn't use our Halloween plates.
We didn't even clear off the table.
We just enjoyed our slightly Halloween themed dinner.
But hey, the tradition happened, right?
Here's what we ate:

Mummy Braided Chicken Roll

It's a favorite around here.

Bloody Jello Jigglers

I was going to do my usual orange & grape Halloween jigglers.
However, I had no grape & only had one 3 oz package of orange.
What we did have was an abundance of red jello flavors.
So I went with cranberry & made 'bloody' jigglers.
The bloody spatter/streaks on the plate were made from the thin layer of jello
that spilled over in the jello mold while transferring it to the fridge.

Goblin Eyes

Green grapes.

That's it.
That's all we had.
Again, nothing super fancy.
No decorations or whatnot.
It was an enjoyable family dinner tradition
& I didn't have to put a whole lot of extra thought into it.

If you haven't seen our Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween dinner from last year,
you should definitely check it out!
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