Monday, October 15, 2012

Oh, there you are Perry!

We LOVE watching Phineas and Ferb at our house...

In fact, we never seem to be able to get anything done while it's on.
This is why we decided to have a Phineas and Ferb themed Halloween last year!

Halloween 2011
Phineas, Perry the Platypus, & Isabella

PLEASE do it! Just click on the link, find our picture, & VOTE!!! It will take maybe 5 seconds of your time, it will make me very happy, & you get a chance to explore one of my favorite sites if you still have some time!

We had actually planned these costumes for Halloween 2010, but couldn't get all of our outfits together in time...

Perry was ready. My mom & I had made the main part of the Perry costume by altering a pattern for a lion costume. I made my own pattern for the eyes, bill, tail, & feet and then hand-stitched them onto the main part.
It was actually a lot of fun to make!

It was pretty big on him even after the alterations, but it ended up working out fine. He got to wear it for Halloween two years in a row & on Platypus day at Disneyland!

Platypus Day 2011

We had Phineas's shorts which I had found at Goodwill, but were still missing his shirt & shoes. We bought some blue Shaun White shoes only to find some even more perfect blue Converse shoes after he had worn the others all over the place. Oh well... We ended up getting his shirt on ebay but the one we got still isn't our ideal Phineas shirt. Ya see, Phineas doesn't wear a polo, & his stripes are larger. I'll find one someday. Oh, and just fyi... Spraying red color on your hair is something that should be done outside if you don't want your socks & feet to turn red. At least we were smart enough to use a towel so that he wouldn't get it on his clothes.

We also needed Isabella's bow, belt & shoes. I had found a dress at Goodwill, and already had a white shirt to go underneath it. Her socks weren't too hard to find, but I never did find a belt {Le sigh}. I ended up making the bow out of blanket binding (which I think turned out rather cute for not knowing what I was doing), & spraying some shoes with fabric spray that was the completely wrong pink.

Now... what to do THIS year?

Just in case you decided to finish reading about our fun costumes & forgot to click on the link to vote for them. Here's another link...
Click here to vote for our costumes!!!

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  1. aww.... i love that costume! what a little cutie pie! thanks so much for linking this up to tip-toe thru tuesday.



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