Monday, March 19, 2018

Big Dreams

Justin & I were talking about our big dreams the other day.
You know...
The kind that seem completely out of reach
unless you win the lottery, retire, & have time to do all the things.

We talked about things like flight lessons,
traveling the world,
dream cars,
airsoft arenas,
visiting every Disney park & Club 33,
giving freely,
& fun adventures that will bring our family closer.

He mentioned that Warren Buffett is once again offering to give away $1-million-a-year-for-life
any of his employees that manage to get a perfect March Madness bracket,
& jokingly asked if I would want to quit my Young Living business if we won.
Without skipping a beat,
I told him no.

I love my job.
It has been such a huge blessing in so many ways.
I love the products.
I love the community.
I love the flexibility.
I love the compensation plan.
I love it all.
I've been able to stretch myself in ways I never thought I could
& have seen so many positive changes in my life.
Quitting is not an option.

Whether we get our "big dream" money from Uncle Warren or Young Living,
I'm grateful to know that our big dreams are within reach.

So what about you? Where would you like to travel? What are YOUR big dreams?

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