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LDS General Conference (April 2016 - Saturday)

This weekend is the 186th annual General Conference
I've shared my highlights in the past,
but it's been a while.
Now that my brain isn't quite as foggy,
I can type up my notes easier...

Here are my highlights from Saturday morning & afternoon sessions.
Prepare to be spiritually uplifted (:
Keep in mind these are my hurried notes & they are not necessarily word for word.

If you listen with the Spirit,
you will find your heart strengthened & your capacity to love the Lord increased.
- President Henry B. Eyring

"Draw near unto me and and I will draw near unto you;
seek me diligently and ye shall find me;
ask, and ye shall receive;
knock, and it shall be opened unto you."
- President Henry B. Eyring

How did they know to say the things I needed to hear?
The promise that the Lord will give us words in the very moment applies especially to testimony.
- President Henry B. Eyring

We live in a noisy & busy world.
If we are not careful, the things of this world can drown out the things of the Spirit.
- Sister Mary R. Durham

Children have a natural desire to be good.
- Sister Mary R. Durham

How do we as parents increase the spiritual capacity of our little ones?
1. We can bring to their attention when they are hearing & feeling the Spirit.
2. We can prepare our home & our children to feel the still, small voice.
3. We can help our children understand how the Spirit speaks to them.
- Sister Mary R. Durham

The best immersion setting for a spiritual education is in the home
where spiritual principles can form the basis for daily living.
- Sister Mary R. Durham

Immersing our families in the Spirit will keep our children's hearts open to His influence.
- Sister Mary R. Durham

We need not fear as we see our children enter the water of life.
We have taught them to live with the guiding light of the Holy Ghost.
- Sister Mary R. Durham

Without lyrics, most of us in this conference could sing "I Am a Child of God"...
But do we really KNOW it?
- Elder Donald L. Hallstrom

God allows some earthly suffering because He knows that it will bless us.
Our hardships have eternal purpose.
- Elder Donald L. Hallstrom

"Ultimately all keys of the priesthood are held by the Lord Jesus Christ, whose priesthood it is.
He is the one who determines what keys are delegated to mortals & how those keys will be used."
- Elder Gary E. Stephenson

How to "find the keys"
1. Prepare for missionary service
2. Attend the temple
3. Go forward with faith
- Elder Gary E. Stevenson

The Lord won't leave us stranded without keys to return home.
- Elder Gary E. Stevenson

There is not a soul alive who will not at one time or another be the victim
to someone else's careless actions, hurtful conduct, or even sinful behavior.
- Elder Kevin R. Duncan

We can forgive & we can be free.
An unforgiving heart harbors so much needless pain.
- Elder Kevin R. Duncan

As we strive to forgive others,
let us also try to remember that we are all growing spiritually,
but we are all at different levels.
- Elder Kevin R. Duncan

Can you imagine how our families, communities, & the world at large might change
if we all tried to see each other as God sees us?
- Elder Kevin R. Duncan

Some of the greatest sermons are preached through the singing of music.
- Elder Steven E. Snow

Be Thou Humble (Hymn #130)
- Elder Steven R. Snow

As we raise our children, we need to help them remain humble as they mature into adulthood.
We need them to learn to take joy in the success of siblings & friends.
- Elder Steven R. Snow

We must all strive to become more humble.
Humility is essential to gain the blessings of the gospel.
- Elder Steven R. Snow

"How does one get humble?
To me, one must constantly be reminded of his dependence.
On whom dependent?
On the Lord.
How remind one's self?
By real, constant, worshipful, grateful prayer."
- Elder Steven E. Snow

God is more pleased with repentant sinners who are trying to draw closer to Him
than with self-righteous fault finding individuals who don't realize how badly they need to repent.
- Elder Dale G. Renlund

Jesus did not say IF rain descends,
IF floods come,
& IF winds blow,
but WHEN.
No one is immune from life's challenges.
We all need the safety that comes from partaking of the sacrament.
- Elder Dale G. Renlund

Our present circumstances may not change,
but through God's compassion, kindness, & love,
we will all receive more than we deserve,
more than we can ever earn,
& more than we could ever hope for.
- Elder Dale G. Renlund

Questions are an indication of a further desire to learn;
to add to those truths already in place in our testimonies.
- Elder Ronald A. Rasband

We need to help each other find Heavenly Father's answers through the guidance of the Spirit.
- Elder Ronald A. Rasband

Don't be afraid to ask questions.
They are the very foundation of the Restoration itself.
- Elder Ronald A. Rasband

Choose to follow the Lord while the world is going in another direction.
- Elder Ronald A. Rasband

Are you standing with the leaders of the church in a darkening world
so that you might spread the Light of Christ?
- Elder Ronald A. Rasband

God loves children.
He loves all children.
- Elder Neil L. Andersen

As I learned the principles of the gospel & studied the Book of Mormon,
it was as though I was remembering things I already knew but had forgotten.
- Elder Neil L. Andersen

While a child's Earthly situation may not be ideal,
a child's spiritual DNA is perfect
because one's true identity is as a son or daughter of God.
- Elder Neil L. Andersen

We need to reach out to the youth who feel alone, left behind, or outside the fence.
Let us think about them, welcome them, embrace them,
and do everything we can to strengthen their love for the Savior.
- Elder Neil L. Andersen

"For the Son of man is come to save that which is lost. ...
... Even so it is not the will of your Father which is in heaven, that one of these little ones should perish."
Matthew 18:11,14
As we go to the rescue, God gives us power, encouragement, & blessings.
- Elder Mervyn B. Arnold

Four principles that will help in our rescue efforts:
1. We must not delay going to the rescue
2. We must never give up
3. How great shall be your joy if you bring save it be one soul unto Christ
4. No matter our age we are all called to go to the rescue
- Elder Mervyn B. Arnold

I invite each of you to heed the Savior's call to go to the rescue.
We can do it!
- Elder Mervyn B. Arnold

The Lord raised up prophets, seers, & revelators to guide His kingdom in these latter days.
Yes, God revealed Himself to man again.
The darkness that covered the Earth began to dissipate.
- Elder Jairo Mazzagardi

"...Other sheep I have, which are not of this fold..."
John 10:16
3 Nephi 15:21-22
- Elder Jairo Mazzagardi

"If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God,
that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not;
and it shall be given him."
James 1:5
He cares about His children & answers our prayers.
- Elder Jairo Mazzagardi

The ordinance of the sacrament is a holy & repeated invitation
to repent sincerely & to be renewed spiritually.
- Elder David A. Bednar

The irony of being parents is that we tend to really get good at it after our children are grown.
- Elder M. Russell Ballard

Family councils will counter the impact of modern technology
that often distracts us & also tends to bring evil right into our homes.
Electronic devices need to be turned off
so everyone can look at & listen to each other.
- Elder M. Russell Ballard

Four types of family councils:
1. General - entire family
2. Executive - father & mother
3. Limited - parents & one child
4. One on one - one parent & one child
- Elder M. Russell Ballard

Never retire without kneeling together,
holding hands,
& saying your prayers.
- Elder M. Russell Ballard

Schedule councils in advance
so children can anticipate & look forward to special time alone with mom or dad.
- Elder M. Russell Ballard

Children desperately need parents willing to listen to them.
- Elder M. Russell Ballard

With Heavenly Father & our Savior's help we can make our homes a little bit of Heaven on Earth.
- Elder M. Russell Ballard

Combined with prayer, a family council will invite the Spirit of the Lord.
Inviting the Lord to be part of our councils through prayer will help us grow closer together.
"Counsel with the Lord in all thy doings; and he will direct thee for good..."
Alma 37:37
- Elder M. Russell Ballard

A family council that is patterned after the councils in heaven,
filled with Christlike love & guided by the Lord's Spirit
will help us to protect our family from distractions that can steal our precious time together
& protect us from the evils of the world.
- Elder M. Russell Ballard

Family councils will assist us to be more successful & happy in our precious relationships within the walls of our home.
- Elder M. Russell Ballard

Since I didn't share everything
I encourage you to listen to or read the other wonderful words spoken at Conference...
(I'll get the links up once they're available)

Saturday morning:
Where Two or Three Are Gathered by President Henry B. Eyring
A Child's Guiding Gift by Sister Mary R. Durham
I Am a Child of God by Elder Donald L. Hallstrom
Where Are the Keys and Authority of the Priesthood? by Elder Gary E. Stevenson
The Healing Ointment of Forgiveness by Elder Kevin R. Duncan
Be Thou Humble by Elder Steven E. Snow
"That I Might Draw All Men unto Me" by Elder Dale G. Renlund

Saturday afternoon:
Standing with the Leaders of the Church by Elder Ronald A. Rasband
Whoso Receiveth Them, Receiveth Me by Elder Neil L. Andersen
To the Rescue: We Can Do It by Elder Mervyn B. Arnold
The Sacred Place of Restoration by Elder Jairo Mazzagardi
Always Retain a Remission of Your Sins by Elder David A. Bednar
Family Councils by Elder M. Russell Ballard

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  1. These are awesome - You take the best notes! <3

  2. These are awesome - you take the best notes! <3



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