Monday, July 29, 2013

Two Month Late Update

We've had limited internet access ever since we moved
so I apologize for my ever-so-quiet blog.
We finally have our normal internet access back though so I'm hoping to start posting regularly again.
You probably won't be seeing any Mommy School posts or recipes for a while,
or at least until we get more unpacked & in a normal routine,
but it's good to be back - well, kinda back.

Our CA house had been empty since the end of June.
The last couple nights there were really weird.
Ya know, sleeping in an empty home and all...
We just closed on it though,
so it is a happy home once again.

Yep, that's right...
We found a buyer for our SoCal home!
Right after it was listed,
we had 4 showings in 3 days with 2 offers.
We accepted 1...
The offer was too good to be true
& we are so glad that things worked out the way they did.
We were nervous about the appraisal at first until it was over & we had the results,
but everything worked out fine and we had nothing to worry about.
It appraised right at the price we needed it to.
Afterwards we wished we had listed it higher since it sold so quickly!

Hubby drove four days with Gram (his mom) & Little Dudeman to make it to Indiana the last week of June.
Needless to say, it was a long drive...
Meanwhile, Little Princess & I stayed with Nani (my mom) at her place in Orange County.
We had an absolutely wonderful week spending time with her,
even though she had to work some of the days that we were there...
We went to a mommy & me yoga class on Tuesday which we both really enjoyed.

We also got to spend some time with my grandparents & visited Crystal Cove to see some tidepools & the ocean.
On Wednesday my mom was feeling pretty miserable from a bad cold that was going around
so she stayed home from work, we watched some Bollywood movies, & she got some extra rest.
We went to a Music Makers group with other mommies & toddlers from church on Thursday while my mom was working,
but later that night Little Princess started to get that cold and had a really hard time sleeping.
Friday we went to urgent care to make sure Little Princess didn't have an ear infection
since she had such a rough night and was tugging on her ear quite a bit,
but the doctor said her ears looked fine and that it was just a cold & allergies.
So we drove by the ocean one last time & swam in the pool for a bit before Nani finished work.

You can read all about our flights to Indy & our crazy layover at the Denver airport here...
It's kinda long, so I decided I would spare you & make it a separate post.
You're welcome.

We stayed at a friend's lake house for a weeks until we closed on our house.
We closed on the 16th,
& moved in on the 19th.
Our new home is wonderful (:

We were a little apprehensive since we bought it entirely on faith.
What I mean by that is we didn't get a chance to actually go house-hunting.
We had a great realtor that showed us houses on Google+ using the hangouts feature.
Crazy awesome, right?
But hey, it worked.
We ended up in the school district we wanted,
in a really great neighborhood,
nestled back away from major streets,
yet only 5-10 minutes away from pretty much everything!
Our neighbors & church family are super friendly & welcoming,
there's lots of young kids,
and a lot to see & do in the area.
We can't wait to get more unpacked so that this house can become our home!

Also, my family decided to come surprise us on the 18th to help with the move...
It. was. epic.
I was sitting in our empty home cleaning & waiting with the kids for our truck to come with all of our stuff
while Hubby was at work & Gram was at the lake house.
The truck was scheduled to come sometime between 10a-5p.
The kids were bored, & I was sick of cleaning.
Just as I started thinking how great it would be to have some company, the doorbell rang.
Assuming it was the ABF truck I was slightly relieved,
since that meant that we could leave to run errands then head back to the lake house.
I looked out the window & didn't see the truck - or anyone for that matter.
I then thought to myself...
maybe it was someone from church or a neighbor.
I opened the door to see my family holding a plate of cookies & some sparkling grape juice!
I. was. overjoyed!
That was exactly what I needed right at that moment.
The timing couldn't have been more perfect.
We decided to keep it a surprise for Hubby & Gram...
When Hubby came home for a quick lunch everyone hid in our pantry like a pack of sardines
and I told him that there was a huge spider in there that I needed him to take care of.
When he opened the door, he saw them all standing in there.
He stayed to eat his lunch & chat for a bit before heading out to finish his work day,
then he drove to the lake house to pick up Gram so she could look at an apartment & we could go out for dinner.
When they got to the house, my family was waiting quietly upstairs.
They had decided to sneak down one at a time
then casually start in on conversation as if they had been here all along.
It worked a little too well!
Gram saw the plate of cookies that they had brought & I told her that they were from our new neighbors.
When she asked if they had any kids I said that they had 4 kids, but that they were older...
Two girls in high school & two children that had graduated already.
Their son is in college & their eldest is married with two kids of her own.
(I didn't mention that it was me)
When Gram was looking out our back window & talking with Hubby about our playset & garden,
my sister Abby came downstairs,
washed her hands in the kitchen sink,
then we started chatting away in the background.
When Gram still wasn't turning around,
our sister McCall came down & joined in on the conversation.
We started talking louder & made it a point to call each other by name to make things a little more obvious.
Still no clue.
It wasn't until the kids' Gramma (not Nani, but my other mom, (stepmom)) came down the stairs & started talking that she realized they were here.
It was priceless.
My sister blogged about it not too long ago...
She has a spectacular blog (:
I magma her.
Ya know, since magma is hotter than lava.
Really though.
I love my family & extended family like crazy.

I'll try to post all about our lake house adventures later this week!
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  1. Better late than never, right?

    I magma you!

  2. SO fun!! And what a beautiful home, friend! <3

    1. Thank you so much for your sweet comment Kimmie!! My day has officially been made!

  3. So glad you are settled and what a fun story! Your new house looks awesome, by the way.

  4. Moves are so busy! Here's hoping you have some peace coming your way!

    Thanks for linking up this week!



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